When the Rives family decided to purchase Maxey’s Steakhouse from the original owners and move back to their hometown, they sought us out to help define the restaurant’s new brand identity.

The Rives family wanted to stay true to the founder’s name and vision, but bring their hometown…

a new symbol of culture and strength that everyone could take pride in.

Since 1984,


built Maxey’s Steakhouse into the town’s choice dining location.

Maxey’s brandmark symbolizes strength – representing the people that make up the town and the grit it takes to survive the ups and downs of a town dependent on the surrounding oil fields.

With the launch of the new brand, we helped the Rives family announce their new ownership to long-standing patrons – allowing them to ease through the transition and build some excitement in the town about the new era of Maxey’s Steakhouse.