Passion Conference

Responsive Website Design

Passion Conference Website Design by Collier Co Design

– Background

Rooted in the confession of Isaiah 26:8, Passion exists to glorify God by uniting students in worship, prayer and justice for spiritual awakening in this generation.

From its start in 1995, the Passion movement has had a singular mission—calling students from campuses across the nation and around the world to live for what matters most–the name and renown of Jesus.

Since 2012, Collier has had the privilege of collaborating with the teams at Passion Conference and AM Digital to lead the conference’s online presence. With each new conference, we deliver new and engaging online experiences by contributing our expertise in the following areas:

Discovery & Strategy

A thorough discovery process helps us gain an accurate understanding of the breadth and depth of the project so that we can design, develop & launch strategic experiences.

User Experience

UX considers the entire process of a person using a product and seeks to provide the clearest and most pleasing path based on the business goals and user goals outlined in the discovery.

User Interface

UI design takes the findings from both the strategy and experience design to create interactions that make sense. It considers the users’ goals, and presents information and actions appropriately.

– Desktop Experience

Taking the lead from the conference’s new geometrical brand, we extended the brand experience to a redesigned website informed by an extensive UI and UX discovery and built on the latest web development technology. The new site honors the conferences youthful brand, with a fun new twist on the user experience, clean typography that communicates a lot without overwhelming the reader, and dialed-up custom photography and graphics for aesthetic benefit and storytelling.
Passion Conference Website Design by Collier Co Design

– Mobile Solutions

With such a youthful audience, we sought to create a mobile experience that was as strong and unique as the desktop.